This little application emulates an paraglider/hang glider variometer using your iPhone.

You can use it to measure

    - climb/decline rate

    - absolute altitude

    - hight over ground

    - relative height

    - speed over ground and

    - course

It signals your climb/decline rate using „beep“ tones just like a real variometer.

Moreover you can watch your flight using the integrated map view in real time.

By typing to „Alt 3“ usually after the adjusting phase or any time later you can reset „Alt 3“ to „0“.

Please make sure, that you have a valid GPS signal, if you use the App.

The App doesn't work within buildings or any other locations where you can't get a GPS signal.

There is one exception: Simply use the really, cool ASI FlyNet 2 Bluetooth Variometer!

Please be carefull!

This App isn‘t a substitution for a real variometer such as a device from ASI, Bräuniger, or FlyTec as long as you don‘t use the really, cool ASI FlyNet 2 Bluetooth Vario!

Usage is at your own risk.

The App requires a good GPS signal!

I highly recommend to use a ASI FlyNet 2 !

Please note the similar and very excellent  Android application of my colleague  Mike Riemer!

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